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This Cluster Bag has the exact amount of bling pieces to create x4 Clusters as pictured (except the purple one)

There's also an option to add medical tape 

No instructions included: Picture as shown,  is intended to serve as an assembly guide



Technical Breakdown:

x1   20x23mm Heart

x1   10*20mm 2-Tone teardrop

x1   7*15mm Horse eye

x1   6*13mm Horse eye

x1   5*10mm Horse eye

x1   5mm Round

x2   4mm Round

x1   5*8mm Teardrop


*****We reserve the right to subtitute pieces when the need arises. We would always substitue with a close match in terms of size/colour which will still create an equally stunning piece. 

Glam Hearts - 5pc Cluster set

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