Made in Netherlands


The Superstar Dream Colours are made of a very user-friendly, high quality, water-based face- and bodypaint that meets the strict regulations of the European Cosmetics Directive (1223/2009/EG). The colours are very beautiful and bright, the paint easy to work with and is also easy to remove. A thin layer of Superstar paint is enough to provide a nice covering/opaque/smooth base. The paint dries quickly and will not shed/stain.


The Dream Colours can be applied by dabbing with a sponge or brush which will give of an amazing effect, because the colours fade into each other. The so-called rainbow effect.



Do not use pre-packaged wet wipes, baby wipes, etc. Do not use paint- or make-up remover which contains wax and/or oils. This will cause the paint to affix to the skin. Do not rub or scrub, this will cause the paint to penetrate into the skin.

Superstar Dream Colours - Carnival 913